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Aurora Nealand

Aurora Nealand likes sounds... and movement.. and language.... and the intersection therein. She has written alot of music for theatre. She has played alot of music for drunk people. She has passed many of her days playing saxophone in New Orleans, learning to move like a pidgeon and the color blue at Jacques Lecoq Physical Theatre school in france, biking across rural america collecting audio stories, and going to college in the cornfields of Oberlin, OH. The rest of her time was passed eating ice cream... and playing soccer.. that covers about everything. The music that she writes doesn't sound so much like the music that she's been playing recently (trad jazz, klezmer, western swing, balkan), but she's working on bridging the gap. She feels silly that this bio is written in third person, but she supposes that's what a bio is supposed to be. zing. .. .. ..