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Holley Bendtsen

Holley Bendtsen is a founding member of The Pfister Sisters, a New Orleans trio reminiscent of The Andrew Sisters or The Boswell Sisters. They recently celebrated their 30th anniversary together. As a solo performer, Holley never fails to delight and impress audiences with not only her sublime vocal stylings, but in the way she is always willing to tell the story behind the music she performs.

Holley frequently performs with Pfister Sisters accompanist Amasa Miller’s. Their first collaboration together, Our Songs, is an album-length story about the duo’s shared history in New Orleans music. It’s quite a history. They’re best known for their work with the Pfister Sisters and the Charmaine Neville Band, but during their careers they’ve recorded and performed with a wide variety of local and national acts. Our Songs, however, puts their own work front and center in a way that’s new to their catalog. It’s a collection of, well, their songs: original compositions, many of which grew in the New Orleans Songwriters’ Workshop, which they founded.


With Amasa Miller

With The Pfister Sisters
  • 1986, 1995 New Orleans (Great Southern Records)


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