Buffa's Bar & Restaurant On the Border of the Quarter since 1939

New Hot Sauces

Slap Ya Mama hot sauce on every table in The Back Room.

Stop in soon and get your hot on!
Have you ever visited our Hot Sauce Bar? We keep it stocked with some of the most interesting hot sauces around. You’ll find favorites such as Melinda’s (several variations), Tiger Sauce, Pickapeppa, and Louisiana Gold, along with some new taste treats like CaJohn’s, Cheech’s Hot Sauce, Irzazu, and many others.

We just got in some phenomenally hot sauce, including one simply called “Jolokia,” one called “Krakatoa,” and another aptly named “Liquid Stoopid.”

The Hot Sauce Bar at Buffa’s is located on a shelf under the far window in The Back Room. We also are proud to feature