Buffa's Bar & Restaurant On the Border of the Quarter since 1939

Keeping Your Cool In Our Back Room

One thing good about the rain coming into the area this Labor Day weekend — it is going to cool things down quite a bit after one of the hottest summers on record (and it ain’t over yet, folks!). OK — there is another good thing about the rain: it will put out that marsh fire that has caused so many of us trouble breathing over the past few days.

Throughout the summer, we have suffered along with our patrons with the heat in our Back Room. Believe me, we are aware of it. The Back Room has a tin roof, and the A/C just can’t keep up — especially when you fill it with people! Many people have asked us to turn it down or fix it. Here’s the thing: if the thermostat is set at 75 and the thermometer says it is 85, setting the thermostat to 60 will not make the thermometer go down any further. Not even 84! It’s just a fact.

When we replaced the furnace and air conditioner for the front bar we had the entire system inspected and everything passed with flying colors. In laymen’s terms, this means it has just been too darn hot! So we welcome this reprieve along with the rest of you, and hope you will understand when the temperature seems a little hot back there. (We did put in a couple of oscillating fans to help keep air moving back there, and we are told that has helped quite a bit.)

So, no, gentle readers, we have not been keeping it intentionally hot back there just because the band’s name is “Some Like It Hot!”