Buffa's Bar & Restaurant On the Border of the Quarter since 1939

The Continued Evolution of The Back Room

We’re going to make this place into the coolest, hippest, jazziest, place-to-go-and-be-seen or we’ll die trying!

Our latest efforts involve bringing the bar part of The Back Room into the 21st century. We’re not quite done yet, but we are redoing the exterior wall with more insulation and caulk around the window to help it retain the cool and warm as necessary.

We are also rewiring the room so all the lights can be controlled by the bartender, without having to walk all the way across the room to adjust the lights on the far wall opposite the kitchen!

But the big news is that we have installed outlets on the outside of the bar, so you can now plug-in your computer and keep your phone charged. Now you will have no excuse for not texting your friends “I’m plugged in at The Back Room at Buffa’s!”

The Back Room will still be closed during the day for at least the first part of next week while we finish up. But please, oh please, come on down tonight, tomorrow night (Joe Krown!) or for our Jazz Brunch or The Rhodes Spedale Trio on Sunday. Show us some love and help us pay for this stuff! (And we will be open as usual Wednesday through Saturday evenings next week. Check out our event schedule