Buffa's Bar & Restaurant On the Border of the Quarter since 1939

Hurricane Isaac

So far, we seem to be doing fairly well. There are a few leaks in the ceiling and along the windows, but over all the building is so solid, with the windows boarded up you can hardly tell there is a storm outside except during the most ferocious squalls.

We tried to anticipate any eventuality. We brought in our infrared deep fryers and plenty of propane and did 8 of our deep-fried honey praline hams on Monday evening. We have plenty of water on hand, and bought 200 pounds of extra ice.

Although we were prepared for the power to go out, so far it has not. In fact, we purposely did not stock up on food, figuring we would be faced with throwing it out when the power went out.

Our employees have been fantastic. Since Buffa’s has power, we have been sort of an island in the storm, where people in the neighborhood can come to charge their phones and computers, get their email, and check on the latest news.

With this historically slow moving storm predicted to stay in the area for another 24 to 36 hours (as of this writing) we will continue to cook food and pour drinks until we run out.