Monty Banks

Voted "Best Lounge Act in Las Vegas," Monty Banks, interprets the great jazz standards with a characteristic rhythm he calls: "Lounge-A-Billy Swing." Seattle Magazine calls it "rat-pack inspired," a mirthful mix of danceable big-band swing, melodic jazz standards, and hopped-up rockabilly boogie jump. Las Vegas Weekly says: "Banks is like a straight shot back to the Rat Pack days, a Vegas lounge singer who loves his audience, performing with class and style. "There's a toe-tapping lightness that infuses everything the High Rollers play, from understated backround music to the more dynamic showband, swing-dance, and rock-a-boogie styles.

We're always thrilled when Monty plays our Back room. This performance is from Buffa's Back Room on Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

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