Jeremy Joyce

Jeremy Joyce’s musical journey began in his hometown of Philadelphia, where he played indie rock guitar with the likes of Adam Arcuragi before co-founding Fencebells and recording an alt-country EP and album with Brian McTear at Miner Street Recordings. Following the death of his brother, Jeremy relocated to New York City. Without a band, he began performing solo across Manhattan and Brooklyn, developing his songwriting chops and further honing his guitar skills by exploring jazz and rockabilly sounds. While in NYC, he performed with Beastheart and Flower Mound and composed music for film, which included a collaboration with Sharon Van Etten.

In 2011 Jeremy was ready for a change. With an intention to hit the road, he traded his ‘68 black-faced Fender Super Reverb amp for a black ‘87 Dodge Ram Van with red leather seats. Briefly sidelined by financial woes, Jeremy landed in Florida and began driving a delivery truck, which did little to nourish his musical spirit. A timely escape to St. Louis, Missouri, resulted in a number of psychedelic folk and rockabilly recordings with talented St. Louis engineer and producer David Beeman.

Upon the passing of his mother in 2013, Jeremy decided to join his sister and follow the sounds of the South with a move to New Orleans. There, he began street performing with a Royal Street swing band before finding a plethora of opportunities in all genres as both a guitarist and songwriter. Today, he leads The Jeremy Joyce Adventure, continues to collaborate with a number of artists and songwriters, and is forever exploring the intricacies and history of music expression.

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