Keith Stone

New Orleans Native Keith Stone is the real deal in a city where real deal’s don’t come around as often as they used to. His guitar playing ranks among the top Louisiana players. His songs are inspired and influenced by the environment he grew up in and the legendary performers that came before him.

Performing New Orleans classic Rhythm & Blues, Funk, Soul, and Blues mixed with prize-winning originals, Stone delivers an authentic experience that ignites the soul.  

Keith is a Tradition-Bearer and Louisiana Music Ambassador, who in addition to his own project performs with the infamous Wild Magnolias with Big Chief Bo Dollis Jr, the Legendary Mo’ Fess Band, and the New Orleans B.B. King All Stars.

His 2016 release “The Prodigal Returns” featuring Dr. John, earned a featured 4 Star review in the May 2016 issue of DownBeat Magazine, and in 2018 his song “Ain’t that the Blues” from “Keith Stone with Red Gravy” won Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine’s Coolest Blues Song of 2018. Email and PayPal are the same:

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