Harry Mayronne

Harry Mayronne is a Renaissance man: a musician, composer, arranger, artist, and puppeteer. His personal style and creative life blends as one and when he performs with his look-alike marionette, a puppet controlled from above by strings, that he dresses and then matches his outfit. “It has been exciting to be a part of music and theater scene for all of my adult life,” he says. “From studying with Julliard graduate Orval Klopp for several years to being baptized by my father’s love of music, my career was set in motion at an early age. Now one of my great loves is making self-portrait marionettes.” He goes on to explain that he is a puppeteer and puppet maker who specializes in marionettes, which he creates using the old-school method of wood putty.

"The music, theatre and puppetry have all opened doors and led to some amazing international adventures,” he continues. "It has included trips to Paris and Berlin, where I performed in Nina Hagen's Brecht concert with my portrait marionette of Bertolt Brecht. I guess you could say that I am doing the same things I was doing at home when I was a child, only now it's a profession. I even live in the old Harry Mayronne Studio in the French Quarter. Where else can you hear a virtual music festival every time you go to the bank or the grocery store? Yes, although I love to travel, but New Orleans will always be home.”

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