Carmela Rappazzo

Carmela Rappazzo Carmela grew up in upstate New York with a love for the Great American Songbooks. In New York City she attended ‘Theatrium’ and became involved in off-off Broadway Theater and appeared in a few independent films, later training with Eric Morris. Carmela moved to Los Angeles in ‘92 , working with such notable film directors as Rob Reiner, Wolfgang Petersen, Jonathan Lynn and Ken Kwapis. She performed in the L. A. Jazz scene with the Jon Mayer trio and recorded “Black and White”, a straight ahead standards record.

While residing in New Mexico she was nominated for a New Mexico Music Award for best original jazz song, appeared in local theater and worked on the feature film “A Bird Of The Air”. She served on the board of New Mexico Women In Film as fund raising chair, producing two highly successful events for NMWIF. One of which featured Roy Orbison’s “A Black and White Night” and benefited New Mexico’s homeless children.

Carmela now makes her home in New Orleans.

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