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Don't Tell Them Who It's From…

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Cracked Sidewalks — A Novel

Part time New Orleans resident and Buffa's regular J.B. Sensenbrenner will have you on the edge of your seat with this mystery set in New Orleans. Buffa's is mentioned several times.

From the book cover:

Bruce Paul lives a quiet life as a writer in New Orleans' French Quarter. He and his wife, Carlotta, enjoy walking to clubs to listen to jazz and blues. One night, while Bruce is busy writing, she wants to go out for a walk. He doesn't want to go out. She leaves. And doesn't come back. Bruce searches for her relentlessly.... He doesn't find her. Nor does the NOPD. Was she murdered, kidnapped or did she leave him for someone else? Six months later he's a broken man out for a morning walk, thinking about her and how much she loved the French Quarter's old shot gun houses, when he trips on a cracked sidewalk and hears screaming and shouting coming from a house across the street. A door bursts open and a big, burly man stumbles down the stoop and runs around the corner. Bruce is stunned, trying to process what happened. Through the opened door way, he sees a woman's body lying on the floor. Is it Carlotta?


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Dogging It In New Orleans by J.B. Sensenbrenner

Part time New Orleans resident and Buffa's regular J.B. Sensenbrenner's second book to feature his favorite place to hang out — Buffa's!

From the book cover:

What's it like to live in New Orleans? At Christmas, after selling my business, we told our family and friends that we planned to spend the winter in New Orleans. We received a lot of questions. Such as... "Why New Orleans? Why not Florida? Or Texas? Or Arizona? We never heard of anyone going to New Orleans for three months. Isn't that the place that you go to see Mardi Gras and stay for a few days, or at most a week? What will you do for three months?"


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Live from The Back Room!

VOL. 1: And So It Begins.
A sampler of contemporary working musicians and writers steeped in the traditions of New Orleans, the Crescent City, recorded live in the Back Room at Buffa's.